Stay home! The project ’THE ROOM № 19’ was born by the isolation. We get used to our furniture like the usual background but now it has become the main character. At night the obscure new objects appear in front of our eyes. Incarcerated we look at the familiar chair, table, closet as if they were alive. There are only the bed sheets, the Absurd and the information about the outside world to create the garments.

It was the experiment and the research of new shapes for clothing. It was the kind of escape from the usual perception of the garment and plunge into the world of the objects with the humanized silhouettes.

Leaving we used to wrap furniture by the white covers against the dust. On return we hope to see the same things. However the time is changing even immovable and asleep. First or last the covers have to be taken off. To revive or to close the room forever…