The garment is the part of you. To put on the thing that "is not yours" is like to say something that you actually don't think of or to do something that your conscience doesn't allow. I wouldn't call it as a thingism or a fetishism of commodities when the outfit becomes something more for a man then just a protective capsule.

1. The unique piece for you

Every season the brand MILLA BERILLO is producing the collections the outfits from which you can purchase with the guarantee that you are the only possessor. We are sticking to the concept that everyone deserves their unique garment like the character or the outlook. The brand doesn't copy its' own samples and doesn't make the size range on principle. Your own reflection in your exceptional appearance is making the fortune to a large extent.

2. The individual outfit or wardrobe

In the friendly atmosphere having tea or coffee we are ready to discuss with you all your wishes and preferences; to give in to your inner world and create not only the garment of any assortment and complexity but the images you will live comfortably with.

3. The dress for the occasion

Are you going to attend the great event tomorrow but you have no time for shopping and long negotiations with the atelier? In this case we will help you to design and make evening attire only for 24 hours.

4. The costume addition to the events and the projects

The brand is also designing and making the costumes for movies and theatres. Do you need the stage image or probably are you developing the project that would sound brighter with the appropriate clothing? We would be glad to work with you.

5. "Red carpet" attire

Wedding dresses, evening attires haute couture with plenty of scrupulous and elaborated work...Listen, are you still sure that except of oversees designers no one can create the dress of your dream and make you to be the heroine of any festive ceremony? We are ready to give you another insight.

6. The outfit for hire

Our collections are full of the pieces with unconventional cut, outstanding shapes and textures. They could highlight the concept of your photoshooting or make the look more expressive at your event.

7. "New life"

It is likely that your wardrobe contains the clothes which you like a lot. You like them so much that people around you get used to them and you can't throw them away. At the same time you want something new. In this case we will propose to refresh your garments. You will be surprised by the changeability of their skin, however your desire to wear them will become stronger.