The collection "Table. Chair. Coat"

In the beginning was the stool...Then someone invented the chair for sitting more comfortable...Chair, table, bed...The room...The world has become overloaded by "necessary " things. Sometimes to be free is to get rid of everything that's excessive.

"Everything has extremely shuffled up. The borders between the corporeal and the spiritual, between the material and irrational values have interfused. I didn't want my viewers to be overloaded by philosophy. On the other hand I didn't want them to perceive the performance within the bounds of "the garments thrown over the furniture". During the process of development I wasn't able to explain what exactly I had created: the furniture slip-cover transforming into the apparel or the outfit brought to the level of a cross functional cover. Which one came first? Egg or hen? Experiments with the pattern-making always attract me. You will ask me: what the future is? And I will answer: the future is in the collaborations and the integrity of incompatibles. The designing of interesting pattern is not the sketches and inspiration. This is the chemistry and the laboratory practicals with the plurality of the substances. The result was on the runway: the trench coat, the coat and the shirt. Only by means of the functional and classical details like a collar, a belt, a shoulder-strap, a belt loop, a storm flap the costume was evolving into the furniture cover and conversely. I don't want to say " was transforming" because it implies something artificial but I didn't use any press fasteners or zippers. You will ask: Why were the models pulling out something or untying? I will answer: To show that those absolutely wearable coats destined for hangers and human shoulders are actually an evolvent and a scan of that chair or that stool. You will ask me: Why? But this is the very integrity of incompatibles...irrational and material, corporeal and spiritual..."

Photo: Max Burin

Muah: Oksana Stepanova

Models: Agency "Fortuna"

Shoes: Razgulyaev&Blagonravova

Studio: Muse