Have you ever noticed how you are transferring into the other time dimensions walking along the streets of Saint-Petersburg. The old building out of longstanding bricks is reflected in the huge modern mirror glass units. These reflections are telling us about the past. The new is growing through the old reviving it time and time again.

Numerous magnified shots of such a reflections gave an unique visual source for embodiment of this idea in the shapes, cut and fabrics of the collection. They left the incredible combination of colors and textures, curved lines and expressive spots with patterns. Putting the shots together you are absolutely being captivated by these reflections.

The very Saint-Petersburg city has absorbed a lot into its history. The evidence of the stratification of modernity and antiquity is being created. Sometimes it seems that you are wandering along the streets with Dostoevsky and Alexander II. But our ways will never interfere because everyone has his own parallel.

Have a look at the fronts of contemporary building and you will see the contours of the houses that have been standing here a long time before. "Everything that was existing once and everyone who was living once will remain forever" (B. Akunin)