""The she-wolf is standing on my way. Her paw was trapped. She was waiting someone to release her. She is asking for the help from the enemy human world just to come back to her own and to keep her posterity...".

The grandmother's story about her wartime childhood caused the creation of the collection. The story about her accident one day when she went to the field to gather the pieces of wheat to cook some meal. At that hungry time it was being considered like a theft. In one of those day she met the she-wolf.

The old photographies, pale, crackle, black-and-white-and-sepia ones based the colour palette of the collection. The experiments with taking photo of the old fabrics in the water gave the birth of new lines in the pattern cutting and of glossy accessories. She-wolf is the symbol of unbrokenness, predatism and unconscious desire to survive. These features are living together with the human beginning in everyone. "The sawcut of the leadership mania is inside her. Angry and arrogant power. At the same time she is so kind, feminine, endlessly sweet. As two men are living inside her. One of them has the egocentric mind and another one has the tender and passionate heart." Therefore the collection was based on the sharp geometric constructions and textures. The red colour is highlighting through the monocrome spectrum like reflection of the readiness and the undauntability. Challenge excepted!