The capsule collection is titled 'color nonrandomness'. Sometimes, I have a wish to pour people moving inside the underground over the bright paints. Apparently many are stuck with their routine and have no time to form the wardrobe out of vibrated items. Besides Saint-Petersburg is the sophisticated lover of undertones. However the color contains the powerful energy and if everybody used the bright shades that fit to them in their outfit it wouldn't be boring. When I choose such a shades for myself I feel as if I would switch on the light around and unmovable things would start to revive. The gaudy spots thrown on the dresses are the central figures. They are like a challenge to the boring clothing.

Photo: Lena Belkina
Muah: Natali Chaikina
Models: Katya Alexeeva, Sveta Tzirenova
Accessories: Leonid Titov