Recently we had a chance to watch three wonderful stories which were happening with the amazing actress Alla Yuganova. We tried to penetrate to the consciousness of the three different great photographers: Patrick Demarchelier, Tim Walker and Peter Lindbergh. While the costumes and the locations were changing we were keeping an eye on the different characters living in them. One spoilt princess was capricious and bored. She was crying: "Do something immediately! I want the fairy tale!!!" And then the silence had come. The playing girl had turned to the speechless woman. Just the Woman. There was no that princess anymore. There was only Her. With the sorrow in her eyes. With her love of truth and recalcitrance. With her vulnerability and robustness at the same time. She ignored us and had disappeared. "Ok, I will let you take some photos of me, but keep in your mind that I have a hot schedule!" - at that moment we were looking at another woman, refined lady from Bohemia society. We had nothing to do but to concentrate on her fluids and noble silhouette.

Alla Yuganova, the actress of Moscow Theatre Lencom as three different characters

Photo by Max Burin

Style: Yana Verenich

Make-up: Daria Melnikova and Daria Tarasova

Hair: Anna Lepestochek

Locations: Cluster ARTMUZA (St.Petersburg)