The brand MILLA BERILLO of womenswear has been developing on the fashion arena from 2011. The first collection was presented in London during the Central Saint Martins College exhibition.

The designer and founder of the brand, Liudmila Berillo, is following the existential minimalism, the concept where the clothing is considered exceptionally as an unique second skin of everyone. Primarily the garment is the carrier of the character and the inner world of its possessor. That is why the pieces MILLA BERILLO embody the unity of inner and external, the oneofakindness, the extreme ergonomics. In this world every person deserves his unique outfit as if it was his character or outlook. The brand doesn't multiply its garments and doesn't make the serial production on principle. Every single piece is elaborated by the Russian high-qualified craftsmen who are putting the positive energy on it. The Russian philosophy and the complex pattern making underlining the femininity are the crucial base of the brand. MILLA BERILLO studio is neither a shop nor an atelier. This is the space there the pieces are being born in full view of yours. But the finished ones are filling the room by the magic while waiting for their owners. Having entered you can feel this magic and completely lose yourself in the process of creating of living clothing. There is no border between the production and the sale, between them and you. You are becoming the part of this Universe and MILLA BERILLO designs are becoming the parts of you...

About the designer

Lyudmila Berillo graduated from Central Saint Martins College with the graduate diploma in Fashion Design.

In 2012 she had an internship in the studio of British designer Aimee McWilliams in London. Besides she studied sewing with Marie-Claude Roche from France. Her collection was presented during the Saint Martins College exhibition.

In 2013 she was a guest editor of the magazine "Atelier" in Moscow and online-edition "Tvoya istoria" ("Your story") in Saint-Petersburg.

From 2005 to 2011 she was studying at Omsk State Institute of Service, which she graduated from with a degree in Fashion Design.

Lyudmila had an internship in the Fashion House of "Tatyana Parfionova". In 2011 she was co-founder of the creative space, young designers' community "East-West" in Omsk, Russia.

From 2015 she is the member of St.Petersburg Fashion Syndicate.

The designer's notes

Creating the garments, I used to ask myself whether I encouraged too materialistic world enough as it is...I am inclined to think that possessions are not important things in our life but at the same time I am producing such possessions. Let you go to whatever H&M shop by the corner and buy a T-shirt with jeans by 1.99 dollar there. Now you are dressed - you would attend some lectures wearing them - then probably you would promenade your dog - after all you would launder your clothes - they would shrink and pill. Never mind! Because they are only 1.99 dollar! Tomorrow you would buy a new cover not thinking about thousands of Chinese sewers who are furiously stitching just for a cup of rice throwing down the faceless clothes on a floor with junk. Then this heap of the Siamese pieces are conditioned by chemicals from accidental insects and sent to us. But you don't care because these clothes are just meaningless dusters for you. However that postcard on the shelf reminds to you about your friend. He is from other city on the another continent. That piece of carton had crossed miles of the ocean before it achieved you. And you don't throw it away because this is reminiscence of the amazing time spending with your friend. And what about the book that is near the postcard? There are was a time when it stimulated you and gave inspiration to make you do what you always wanted to do. They are all things. Postcards are merchants' inventions and books are dust-collectors. But you are keeping them because of recollections, emotions, desires...because these things give birth to immateriality for life. But what is T-shirt? Next day you would discard it because it is just a thing. But can that dress be called "a thing"? The dress which is intriguingly wrapping on your shoulder, accentuating the beautiful curve of your collarbone. The dress which is flowing smoothly touching your body with its' soft fabric. You are delighted - this dress is not like all the others. It is different... like you. It is unique and you are finding yourself unique. You are flying above asphalt because you don't feel heaviness of the fabric. You are the integration. The legs, the head, the eyes, the dress. Nothing falls to pieces. As we know from physics, energy of a molecule is more than summary energy of its' separate particles because of additional bond energy. Therefore you are full of powerful energy to create. You are smiling to improve. And you can't imagine that something amazing is going to happen with you in a few minutes. And at this moment I am realizing that I don't create the dusters with the things but the microorganisms. They are not alive but they begin living with you. They switch off your routine perception of life. They assimilate with you to involve in occasions there you are exceptionally own person with your own feelings, insight, outlook, drawbacks, bees, character. With something that remains with you forever.

I am still believing the authentic fashion is being born not by the superficial glamour, thoughtless copying or the passive critics. I believe that it comes from unconscious, the deep inner world though pained and suffering, but this pain is beautiful in clothing design.